God’s Rainbow Covenant – God’s Covenant With The World


In Genesis 9:15-16, we read of God’s Rainbow Covenant, God’s covenant with Noah and his sons, “And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.”

The rainbow is a beautiful token of God’s covenant that continues to testify of the promise that He made with the world and all flesh (Genesis 9:11-13). It is a perfect reminder of our Lord’s protection and the keeping of His promises. In 2 Peter 3:3-6, Peter speaks of scoffers of the word who, in the last days, will deny the creation and the flood. This has most assuredly begun. In just the past one hundred and fifty years, creation has been mocked by many and replaced by theories of inorganic evolution and spontaneous generation. The flood has been denied as a universal event and is affirmed to be nothing more than a legendary story of oral tradition that has made its way into the holy Scriptures. The testimony of both creation and the flood has been forgotten by many in the world. Reflections about the rainbow sign have also been corrupted. Some people now view it as a symbol of homosexual pride and gay “rights.” This “view” shows total disrespect to the Creator who designed sexual relationships to be in marriage between male and female (Genesis 1:27; Genesis 5:2; cf. Matthew 19:4). To corrupt the symbol of God’s covenant by associating with such a despicable and ungodly manner of life is purely vile and disgraceful.

Even though man might forget God’s Rainbow Covenant, the promise God gave through the rainbow, the Lord has not forgotten. He is not slack concerning His promises, and He will follow through with them. Our Lord is longsuffering, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). He will save those who serve Him just as He will surely destroy those who are disobedient (2 Thessalonians 1:3-10; cf. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). God’s rainbow should cause us to appreciate the surety of His promises (Hebrews 6:10-19; cf. Romans 15:8; 2 Corinthians 1:20).

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  1. mel says:

    Hi, given that science is not wrong in how rainbows are made,and im sure you would not disagree.
    Here is a thought for you, that it is the only sign God could have given. since who so long ago at the writing of those words, could have known, that a rainbow does not form over deep water,so if you see one, then the earth is not flooded.
    thanks Regards Mel Stanley

  2. Tanell says:

    If the earth is over 70% water and we are now in one of wettest seasons yet, what sign would you give this?

  3. Mel Stanley says:

    Hi again, there are so many important points that are overlooked, no sorry not over looked, you all simply never knew. why was Noah’s grand father killed in the flood but his father died prior????????
    why did the wind blow, because it wasn’t a weather report, you have got to see a little further than you do.. Generations age of puberty 13 age a which man should have no more children 45 age at which man may expect to live 85 that is apart from what you read yes, But still important if you want the Bible and it’s contents to be true accurate and precise…….& it is
    kind regards
    Mel Stanley. the real one that writes place of interest

  4. I wonder if anyone talking about the Rainbow , Gods token of covenant , or His Signature on Contract , written on the clouds of heaven ,I have , and wish to share . The colors 7 in a perfect Rainbow , are significent of the seven spirits of God . The Colors of the Rainbow reveal the very Character of God in this Order , Note the Rainbow as is seen in the Cloud , The Highest Color shows His Love , 2nd Orange -Truth , Yellow _ Purity as gold
    White as the very center , Holiness , Sinlessness
    Green His Provision and goodness
    Blue _ Grace , Mercy , Healing , deliverance . then The Purole hue is the base color , showing His Sovreign Lordship , His wisdom and Knowledge . Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings / Think about it and if you would like you may reply to rrobic@telus.net

    • Yumi says:

      Blue (specifically indigo) is actually not part of a natural occurring rainbow. If you actually knew what you were talking about, you would most definitely realize this.


      And about the whole gay rights thing the article’s author has stated. God gave us the ability to love whoever we love, regardless. It’s not a choice in who you love, you love who you love and you cannot help it. If god cannot accept this, then we were most definitely NOT made in his image. And the whole concept of “free will” god gave us is a joke. “I give you free will to do exactly as I command you to.”
      Bottom line is, regardless of what the bible says (as it is NOT the word of god, as anyone claiming to speak the “word of god” is actually committing a sin as no one has this right (for god’s word is god’s word only). The bible was written, and rewritten for years well beyond your time. And because of its contradictions nearly everywhere, it is quite clear that others have taken the time to edit the bible. God loves everyone, including the homosexual and related communities. The fact that god only made humans to be with the opposite sex is sort of flawed. Sure, procreation is key, but if that were the case sex would not be pleasurable or even particularly healthy for you. It is natural and good for the body, even in gay sex. Prostate stimulation is actually very healthy for men. One, he would have not made falling in love with anyone a possibility. You do not control who you love. Secondly, even with the first point, if what you say is true then the god is not a loving god and does not love all of his creations (as homosexuality is seen in over 450 species, and homophobia in only ONE).

      And how are you to say anything when the pope has proposed a law that all cases of Priest to Child molestation and rape go unnoticed by the media, and was successful.

      And how are you to say anything when these occurrences are not rare at all?

      How are you to say anything when ultimately, regardless of the bible, no one truly knows what god wants and god believes. The morals you have in your religion are just standard morals.

      Your religion was even evolved from a religion your religion looks down upon (paganism). Yeah, one of the worlds first religions. Yeah, one of the religions most religions are based off of. Yeah, one of the religions that are ultimately pure in nature (as the use of black magic is illegal (for a reason that’s even listed in the bible as “the Golden Rule”) Yeah, those thousands of people your people in the past burned alive (at the word of god) and majority weren’t even witches, but mentally ill people (and people with disorders such as epilepsy).

      Further more, back onto the subject of treat others as you wish to be treated, homosexuals are people too. To see them any different, to treat them any different, or to give them any less rights, you deserve it just as much and ultimately will be judged by your god for it. You don’t deserve to get married, to have children, or have sex. You don’t deserve any rights, and deserve just as much hate as you’re bestowing onto them.

  5. Heidi Booth says:

    To glimpse a rainbow is the slice of information one should look to be directed towards the truth of God’s covenant with all of humanity. When in one’s desperate hour one looks to the sky and calls out God’s name and just so happens to see the sign of His existence, be thankful for the sparing that he has given you, and be thankful that you have to look no more to find the one and only thing which is true in this world.

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