Fifth Annual Preacher's Files Lectureship


July 9-11, 2010
Hosted by the Rush Springs church of Christ

“Seeking First the Kingdom”

Friday, July 9

“After We Fall” – Joe May
“During Times of Crisis” – B. Esudas
“And the ‘PC’ Police” – Tim Hester
“In Worship” – Don Gelles

Saturday, July 10

“And Teaching Our Children” – Josh Howe
“In Mission Fields” – James Rennaker
Ladies Class:”In Our Everyday Lives” – Amy Hester
An Overview of the Preacher’s Files – G. E. Watkins
“The Benefits of Proper Priorities” – Paul Sparks
Ladies Class:”Through Service” – Joy Jensen
“With Our Finances” – Lee Parrish (Dwayne White)
“In Marriage” – Travis Main
“As a Single” – Lee Parish
“While Living in Wicked Times” – David Hersey

Sunday, July 11

“By Loving God’s Word” – John Henson
“And Modern Day Idolatry” – Dick Sztanyo
“After Divorce” – Keith Collier
“In Our Work” – G. E. Watkins

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