Caleb in the Bible – A “Different Spirit”


Caleb in the Bible, A “Different Spirit”

If there was ever a character that displayed a right attitude or “different spirit” toward God and His Word, it would have to be Caleb in the Bible. For a few moments of time, let’s look at the story of Caleb and use him as an example of fortitude and courage (Romans 15:4).

Caleb, a Bible Example of Courage

Caleb’s courage was first displayed after his return from his spy mission into the Promised Land. He was willing to take a stand with God when the crowd was more than willing to oppose God’s will. As we recall, ten of the spies returned with “bad news”. They stated that taking the land was beyond their ability (Numbers 13:31). Joshua and Caleb reported just the opposite. In fact Caleb, “quieted the people before Moses”, and said, “Let us go up at once, and occupy it; for we are well able to overcome it” (Numbers 13:30 – ESV). He also said, “If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us” (Numbers 14:8). Caleb was simply trying to motivate the people to go up and possess the land which God had promised (Genesis 17:8). They in turn desired to kill him (Numbers 14:10). Think about it! These people would rather have killed Caleb than listen to his words of exhortation. Like Caleb, we as faithful followers of God must be prepared to face adversity when we stand for the truth of God’s word. There are those who will oppose us with every fiber of their being before they will submit to God’s will. Do we possess the courage of Caleb? Will we stand with God even if means standing alone?

Understanding Caleb’s Character

The “key” to our understanding of Caleb’s character is found in Numbers 14:24 in the phrase, “different spirit” (ESV). We too must possess a “different” spirit in order to be pleasing to God. Many in the Lord’s church must come to grips with the fact that we are not like everyone else. Standing for the truth will not be popular with those of the world (John 15:19; John 17:14; 1 John 3:13). Too many Christians are more concerned about “what everyone else thinks” than “what God thinks”.

Due to no fault of his own, Caleb was forced to wander in the wilderness for forty years. He suffered because of the faithlessness of the children of Israel. The steadfastness of Caleb’s commitment to God during these troubling (and wasted) years is a great testament to the character of the man. it is indeed difficult to stay the course when others bring undeserved heartache and problems to us. Through all this, Caleb never blamed God but simply trusted God and waited for the day when he would be allowed to cross over to the Promised Land.

Caleb’s Life

Caleb’s life illustrates for us that there is “no retirement plan” in doing the Lord’s work. At the ripe old age of eighty-five (many years past normal “retirement”, Caleb returns to the borders of what would soon be the land of the people of God. When the Lord’s challenge was offered to him in his old age, this stalwart of God gladly accepted it (cf. Joshua 14:12). Even in his twilight years, Caleb still possessed a “different spirit” (Numbers 14:24 – ESV) – a spirit of following God “fully”. He didn’t complain or shirk the task at hand. For forty years, he dreamed of a day when he and God would drive out the heathen of the land. Our older members can take a lesson from this courageous warrior – there is “no retirement” from the Lord’s army!

Caleb inherited what God had promised because his faith never wavered (Joshua 14:14). While his world changed dramatically following the people’s refusal to go into the land, Caleb never faltered in his confidence in God’s ability to fulfill what He had promised (Numbers 14:24,30; Joshua 14:6-12). Because of his great faith, Caleb was blessed (Joshua 14:13-14)!

Conclusion to the Story of Caleb

Because of Caleb’s great example of courage and his display of a “different spirit” before God, may we as God’s children take courage and become stronger in doing the Lord’s will in our own lives (Matthew 7:21).

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  1. Heather Zeth says:

    I am expecting a child and the only boy’s name I could think of was Caleb. No other name seemed right, but I could not remember who he was in the bible. Reading this is a confirmation on what to name my child and it ministers to me to keep fighting the good fight and to stay stronge in these tough economic times. God promises good things to his children who stay faithful.

  2. Monya Weiss says:

    Thank you so much for this essay. I had named my son Caleb, knowing that he was a humble hero of the Old Testament, but was unaware of the details. I was put on the spot the other day when someone asked if I knew the story and was ashamed that I as a Christian, in fact, did not. This essay has moved me to read the entire story of Caleb and Joshua and feel that my (at the time, ignorant) decision to name my son Caleb was the right one. I can now tell the inspirational story in a personal way to my little boy and hopefully raise him with this story in mind. Thanks Again.

  3. Marie says:

    I also named my son Caleb. I didn’t want a name of anybody that I knew or too common. Boy names are just too weird to me if you try to do something too unique, and the meaning really means a lot to me. So, I just started going through names in books alphabetically, and Caleb was the only name that jumped out to me. It seems common, but I don’t remember knowing any Calebs ever, and I remembered at the time that he and joshua were the only 2 spies that actually made it into the promised land. So, it was encouraging to read this about his character. Now I can remind him when he’s older that just because things may seem to be going wrong and nobody else has faith to always keep his focus on God and His promises because He will do what He said He would do and NOTHING is impossible for Him.

    • Tom says:

      I noticed you said that boys names are getting weird. no there just getting scarce. because feminist name girls, boys names these days jo,george,blake,Tommy,ah and I could go on its shameful, women want to be male not female.Feminist are destroying the very fondation of masculenity and a lot of so called feminest christian mothers are doing the same.

    • caleb says:

      my name is caleb as well, and come to think of it , our name is scarce. rather, its like everyone with our name is hidden, untill we are met. i think our name is a strong symbol of our stregth through god. i love my name, and i thank god for giving it to me.

  4. Crystal Thomasson says:

    This am, in my journaling and prayer time, Caleb came to mind. I recalled,the story of the clay pots and oil with light within them as he was instructed by the Lord for battle. I googled in Caleb, and came across your website, it gave me more perspective upon Caleb and the call of God upon his life. In todays darkness and great spiritual battles, we need more “Calebs,” who are willing to stand strong in spirit,no matter what everyone else says. To listen and obey the Holy Spirits calling to shine HIS LIGHT. . . . .Oh, that Gods Grace and Mercy will break-through in this battle of break-downs today!!

  5. Iris says:

    God’s Spirit came on me STRONG on yesterday,8-05-09 He wanted to let me know that He wants for me and my husband to be, to name our son Caleb. Even though he is still in heaven, and my future husband and I aren’t even married yet, and I have had some things done to me to where I know that only God can fix it, I am standing on faith to know that He WILL bless me and my future husband with this son, and his name will be Caleb. I do believe in mericles Please pray for us. God bless.

  6. crystal thomasson says:

    In regards to my statement on July 25th 2009, I would like to clarify that It was GIDEON and not Caleb who went into battle with clay pots! Each had a calling and were courageous and consecrated to God. . . .

  7. robert Wanok says:

    When i was asked to lead a study of Joshua 14, i found this online and boy as it summarised this almost small and shadowed character. Am more than blessed

    • Thanks so much. I have found this summary of caleb very helpful.
      I am sharing in a service tomorrow @ a girls high school in kenya.
      Thank you so much for taking time to study Caleb.
      God bless you!

  8. MARY M says:

    This is great!!! I always hear people talk of the Prayer of Caleb…I did not know about it until today….I believe this is the right time for me to know of this prayer…Thank you.

    MARY M.

  9. Caleb says:

    My name is Caleb, and I am writing this as I am trying to sleep tonite; I have been struggling much in life with depression and such and trying to seek God’s hand in my life. My parents chose this name for me because of its legacy and it is a stirring reminder to be bold and courageous and to always be true to my name. It is a great name!

    Hold fast,

    Caleb Q.

    • Chris says:

      Hey there Caleb Q,

      I hope things have improved for you. From what I can understand about the story of Caleb is that he never had it easy and had to work hard for what he believed in. If you read Psalm 139 it will speak to about how you are wonderfully made. And in Jeremiah 29 verse 11-13 it speaks not only that God has a plan for you, but that He – The Creator of the universe and everything in it “will hear your prayers” when you call to him.

      Isaiah 41:10-13 speaks of how God will lead you into victory.

      I know this is a year later than your post but I hope you recieve this.

  10. Tanya says:

    I didn’t know what I was expecting when I was pregnant & was just looking forward to having healthy child. Never the less my whole family swore I was having a girl and was bombarded with all the different girl names. Eventually on the 19.08.2009 I gave birth to a 7lb 4oz boy and had no names to call him apart from a few that I wrote when I was in my early stages of pregnancy which I didn’t think that suited my son or my partner didn’t like.
    Anyway my son was diagnosed with lung pneumonia the day after he was born and rushed to the NICU (newborn Intensive Care Unit. There he stayed for 3 weeks fighting his infection. Those 3 weeks were the worst weeks of my life & I finally understood what being a mother was all about, I watched the nurses & doctors inject my son with antibiotics every hour & prick the heel of his feet every 3hours to run tests then watch him only have 1oz of milk per hour even though he was still so very hungry. I couldn’t touch him as he was in a incubator supplying oxygen for him & touching him would lead to the oxygen being less, plus, he had a blood transfusion. I couldn’t even hold him to comfort him when they caused him pain, meanwhile watching all the other mothers hold their babies.
    Anyway my brother came up with the name Caleb & I laughed because I thought of that name months earlier on & I put it down to coincidence when my brother came up with his name. My partner (Caleb’s Dad) loved the name Caleb & then my mum called him Caleb without knowing the rest of us were contemplating that name for him and when she did I told her that was the name my brother gave to me for my son. So it was sealed…Caleb it was to be. But only when I read the story of Caleb in the Bible was I convicted as the Bible Caleb was a warrior/fighter & was very coureagous and it just seemed God himself gave me that name for my child as it was the only name that fit him after all he had been through.

    I am no stranger to God and his magnificent power & this testament & the bible story of Caleb is an inspiring name to ANY boy child born in these times. Take comfort in knowing this IS a very strong & great name & you can not go wrong naming your Son after the biblical namesake…


    • Newton says:

      Hi Tanya,

      We named our son Caleb. We had a few names like Luke and Zac, but Caleb was what we finally decided on. After reading page and other comments. He has had respiratory illnesses his entire life but hasn’t never really complained. His Catholic School wanted us to get him tested for behavior issues this year in his first year at Primary and the GP noticed a heart murmur. It turned out he was born with 3 holes in his heart and a faulty valve. He has subsequently had open heart surgery. His recovery was good but we are back in hospital 4 weeks after because he had fluid build up around his heart since the op. My son Caleb didn’t even complain even though the fluid build up was forcing his rib cage open. My son is a warrior no doubt about it. I am so proud I gave him this name. He has taught me to be more compassionate in my life and appreciate what we really have while we have it. He has the greatest amount of faith and vitality considering what he is going thru. This is testament to the non believers!!!

  11. Courtney says:

    My husband picked the name Caleb for our son. I had a name I liked better. But in reading the story of Caleb, and seeing it from this perspective, I am happy to name him Caleb, and I can’t wait to tell him why we picked the name for him.

  12. Robert Thangasamy says:

    Good article on Caleb. He is one of my most acclaimed heroes in the Bible. What strikes home is the fact that “He had a different Spirit” and that God Himself vouches for this and gives him a promise which even Moses was not found worthy to receive! That is, to enter Canaan, the promised land.

    Numbers 14:24. But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it.

  13. Denis Bonner says:

    I have written a book in which the two of the principal characters bear the names Caleb and Joshua.

    My characters too are looking for the promised land.

    It is certainly an inspiring tale. (Not mine, the biblical one.)

  14. David Field says:

    I had a prophesy over me where a well known prophet said that I had the “spirit of Caleb” I have used the web site to find out more detail of what that might mean. The “wandering in the wilderness” and “no retirement plan” spoke to me as i am in my sixties! Thanks

  15. Kayla Rook says:

    My husband and I have two sons. Our oldest is named Joshua and our youngest is Caleb. My Grandmother though it was unique that we named our kids after one of the most powerful stories in the Bible. Now, we are sharing that story with our boys.

  16. it is really good to here this.for more than 10 years,no one has told me fully about the meaning of my beautfull name.nw i know,i will be like caleb-who was with a different spirit

  17. Edith says:

    I love the character of Caleb, christian should be like caleb we should be courageous no matter what, we have to stand to fight for the Glory of God!! Many here in the middle east althought its hard to share the word of God, many christian was deported bec of sharing the word of God, but its nice to hear that christians are persecuted in the name of our Lord but, the bible says, happy are those who are persecuted, for we all know that in dew time we will be with the Lord, amen!! Glory to God, for sharing this topic.

  18. luqman says:

    i am a muslim and a student of bible, and my favorite personalities are caleb,joshua,david,joseph and elijah,it would be awesome if we could be like them.

  19. We lost our son Caleb this pass Sunday 22, November 2009. He was born on October 14, 2009 and was 26 week early. Holy Spirit weighted on our hearts heavily to name our child with a special and meaningful name. We where lead to pick the name Caleb after hours of searching. Our son Caleb was indeed a fighter and posed a different sprit that ended up residing in our hearts as well. He literally live on this earth for 40 days before transcending into a new begin. God has always done mighty things with the number 40 and He has done something great with our son Caleb. Within the time frame of his life; Caleb has taught us more then what any adult could have ever teach us. Without going into all the detail because this would have to be put in a book; nevertheless, God has showed His Glory unto us and the Holy Spirit even at this hour is still giving us revelation of our son death. In closing I say to you go and hug your child for us and kiss them on the head and tell them you love them. After you’ve done that make sure you tell someone that might have been causing you issues that you love them. You don’t have to bring up what it was that they did to offend you but simply just tell them you love them and leave it at that. God will take care of the rest. I love you if no one told you it today.


    • Nicole says:

      James, be encouraged, its many months since you posted about losing your son caleb but it pierced my heart….maybe because I have be reading about Caleb for hours and listening to Pat Metheny :). I started this evening listening to an Arthur Burk cd about the redemptive gift of Prophet (which Caleb had) …I read about Caleb and others with that gift when I am discouraged that my attempts to pull people out of complacency are met with ridicule and rejection. The cool thing abut passing away is knowing he’s with God, even cooler is that you’ll see him again. I pray you and your wife are happy and healthy and have had another child by now and only think of happy things when you think of Caleb……. and if no one told you today I love you too :-)

  20. Jill n Jim says:

    James Ward, thank-you for sharing. I am sorry to learn of your loss of your son Caleb. Heaven grows sweeter all the time, doesn’t it? In the midst of your loss, you have such a kind and loving spirit and a wonderful message for all of us about love and forgiveness.
    I also like the story about Caleb. It gives me hope for my
    husband who has a God given call and purpose on his life. Life’s trials seemingly has taken the wind out of his sails. Caleb entering the promise land at 85 yrs old is an encouragement being that my husband is now 70 yrs old. I just know that with God ALL things are possible. When this old world and man gives up on you …. God doesn’t!
    I enjoyed reading everyones comments. May God bless all the Calebs and one and all!

  21. Shawee says:

    I am so blessed with this message. My soon-to-be 2 year old son is named Joshua. I became pregnant again, and I have desired to have another boy … and God in His infinite wisdom has blessed us with another boy – and I have the feeling that this baby I am carrying might have same birthday as Joshua, next week on Dec9 his 38th week. The name Caleb has always surfaced. I was “worrying” Caleb might just come out as a shadow of Joshua. But this message says that Caleb stood on his own, with faith and courage. I can confidently name my baby as Caleb as his own person faithful to the Lord. Joshua & Caleb – they will possess the promised land.

  22. Caleb says:

    My name is Caleb and my best friend’s name just happens to be Joshua. It’s fitting as we are both bent on changing the world.

  23. Ash says:

    Iris! I am in the exact same situation as you! I have always wanted to name my son Caleb, but today I had this strong strong knowing that I will have a son and he will be Caleb, even though I do not even have a boyfriend yet! So exciting!

  24. Mike Riley says:

    To Louise and All Other Comment Posters,

    Appreciate your encouraging comments! For your information, I’ve posted these articles and several more on my Bible study blog:

    I pray that you will share them with others of your acquaintance, and may the Lord you as we all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  25. Elijah Williamson says:

    I named my son Kaleb, though the spelling is different I know my son has many of Caleb “the different spirit”. My son is only 6 moths old but his courage and strong heart exceed his age by far. I always though Caleb was Adam and Eve’s first son I am glad now to know the true origins of the name. I know my son is “the different spirit” in my life this passage has made me belive there is hope and everythin will be alright.

    God Bless

  26. sarah says:


  27. Lakisha says:

    I had my son on Oct.17,2010 my great grandfather name was Caleb. I was in bible study and we were talking about Joshua and Caleb. And I was so fascinated about these two powerful men of God that I thought about it long and hard on what to name my son. I wanted to name him after his father, but I wanted has name to mean something special to him and his character he will be when he grows up. So I prayed about it and the name my son has today is Caleb Patrick. His name has a bibilical meaning and a family his meaning. God has bless me again with another one of his angels and each day I do thank Him for allowing me to raise 2 of His angels. Thank you Lord for your angels. God bles you all.

  28. wmjjohnson says:

    I was told caleb stole items from the temple and lost his promise is their bibical facts to this

  29. Racheal says:

    I have been longing to know the caleb prayer en i now know wat it means. Thx

  30. Pat J says:

    I have a grandson born 5yrs ago this July ’10. When he was born my son told me his name Caleb I liked it immediately although I didn’t know why. I am a babe in my christian walk, but something about that name made me smile. My supervisor & I were talking about the Jabez prayer one day while having lunch together, and she asked me had I read Caleb’s prayer. My response of course was no I had never heard of it before. So I started studying it, and from what I read that is my grandson. He’s very courageous, loyal, protective of family, if other kids are doing wrong he won’t follow them, & he’s not afraid to stand alone. I enjoy the teaching & comments. I thank GOD for this site & the writer it has helped me tremendously on my journey with GOD.

  31. Brent says:

    Caleb means dog. Soke don’t like this interpretation but a dog is the most loyal and faithful of a masters companions. They also like fighting.
    What this article missed was that Caleb, who is mentioned more than Joshua in relation to the ability to believe they could take the promised land… waited 45 years to get his slice of land and never once complained while serving the appointed leader (Joshua). Too many Christians do not have the stamina or humility to serve a God appointed man for their entire life instead of selfish ambition – regardless of their talents and giftings.
    Oh that the church had more who knew their place and had a spirit like Caleb – they would be a gift to any true kingdom church movement leader.

  32. valerie says:

    My six year old sons name is caleb. Tonight we looked up the meaning of his name. Faithful and Bold!!! We also looked up his sisters name. I explained to him what his name meant. It was weird to me at first how true their meanings are to both of them. Caleb loves God and his family and already at the age of six would fight for them! I just told him the story of Caleb and Joshua in the Bible. Now being six and wanting to be the best he was a little upset that Caleb was the leader. When we found this posting I was so excited that I could explain how amazing Caleb was. Thank you!!!

  33. Sandra says:

    My son was born July.1,2010 and I was really torn what to call him because I always just knew he was a boy and his name seemed pressed upon my heart.
    I wanted to call him Daniel but his father disliked the name Daniel.We finally decided upon Caleb but with a ‘K’
    A Christian/Prophetic friend of mine came to see him a month after he was born and she gave me a ‘word’ and the word was…”Kaleb is destined to be a MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR. That really hit me b/c I have been praying all through my pregnancy, he would be a man who loves and is sold out for God.
    That is my story.


  34. Simone says:

    When naming my grandson, Caleb was on the list of names my daughter had chosen. She was afraid of giving my grandson a biblical name like Caleb because she was scared there would be a lot of pressure on his life and he wouldn’t live up to such a name.

    From the age of infancy people have approached my daughter when she’s been in public with my grandson. They always want to tell her about the spirital energy they feel coming from him. One time my daughter was sitting on a park bench watching him play.

    A very elderly gentleman came from nowhere and told my daugher, “you better take care of that one, he’s a very special child.” He turned back and asked his name. She replied,”Caleb.” My daughter said she looked down at Caleb and looked back up towards the man. She couldn’t figure out what direction he had gone in. She say’s it happens all the time.

    At the age of four he displays himself as a leader, has a very caring spirit and wisdom beyond that of a child. I don’t believe we’re give names for random reasons.

  35. I am meant to preach at the university chapel about ‘the character of Caleb’ on 16th nov.2010 .This message has really inspired me.God bless you brother.

  36. PAUL MURAYA says:

    Its amazing that we have such witnesses who wholly trusted in the lord and were never disappointed

  37. Mina says:

    Caleb’s character can help our marriages if we adopt. This is because through no fault of yours,you could get hooked up with someone who can lead you to wander in the jungle, suffer all the unpleasant situations to a point that you regret marrying, like Caleb who was left to wander in the jungle through no fault of his, we can stand firm and trust the Lord to keep us and take us to the promise land. Even in the jungle God was there with him, likewise in your marriage jungle, God will be there. Remember He says he will not leave nor forsake us, when you go through fire…….. Caleb stood firm and God took him to the promise land when all have given up. God will surely come through for you if only you do not give up too quickly and you adopt the character of Caleb. Faithful is He who has called us and He will do it.

  38. hannah says:

    thanks for letting me know who caleb really is thanks a lot <3

  39. Caleb says:

    I was named by my grandmother in which the bible was a way of life…. I remember hearing the story from when I was younger but never fully having the meaning behind his story…. now that I am older I can fully grasp the idea of the story and it makes more sense to me as to why she would have gave me such a powerful name…… its a story worth reading and re-reading for generations to come …. continue to fight the good fight everyone

  40. Caleb says:

    I always wondered the story behind my name, and after reading this, I’m glad my mother and father decided on Caleb. Truly remarkable tale. Thanks for sharing

  41. B says:

    Thank you for you for this message. I had a dream this morning and i heard a voice that said to me that i am Caleb, and my research led me to this article and i am so Blessed and very encourage more than ever to continue to take my walk with the Lord with Joy, even when i know i will be prosecuted by others, i know that the Lord will see me through. Once again thank you for your message, for i am greatly Blessed, knowing that the Lord count me worthy to be called Caleb, i will for ever Serve, Seek and Love Him. May God Bless you.

  42. Rick Colon says:

    I have to admit that I have never really been all that interested in the Old Testament, but having heard from Joyce Meyer that Joshua and Caleb were the only two from the original group of the tribes of Israel to actually realize the promises from God of their claim to the land of Milk and Honey, I had to find out why-what made God take favor in them, above all, as I also have a unique spirit for God. Mine is in the form of a deep love for God and Jesus, to the point of crying at times just at the thought of Their Mercy and Grace. I have learned, even through God why faith is the key to (all) of his blessings, because that is what HE lost in Paradise, OUR faith/trust, and that is what He wants back, that and us in the whole. It is challenging to give anyone all of ourselves to say the least, but through my learned example of Joshua and Caleb, I think remembering them, it will be easier to expel those pop-up wordly doubts, and also to access the sanctification of God to give him all of myself every day, and I am now anxious to start, and I hope all who read this series, will be blessed in the same way.

  43. Lisa says:

    what a wonderful summary of Caleb. At the age of 45 I became pregnant with my fifth child, I had such a complicated pregnancy and the age factor didn’t help. The only name we chose was Caleb. Not only because of the Bible standpoint but because Caleb was a fighter. I believed my Caleb would be too. I too stood fast with all opposition with this baby before he was born but I too trusted God. He was born two months early weighing only 3 lbs. 8 oz. and totally perfect. very small but never had oxygen or anything. He is a fighter, determined at whatever he does. the name fits him well and I believe he will be a great warrior for God just like Caleb in the Bible.

  44. Mike says:

    I am really blessed. This study shared better light to what God has been talking to me over the past few days. now i have better understanding. praise God!

  45. joy says:

    Good.Do you have some maps about the place of Caleb?

  46. Caleb Dalton Stevens says:

    When I read of the courage and steadfast faith of my namesake it lifts my spirit on dark days when the future of our country and our Christian religion is under attack.
    In my family the name Caleb was first given to a child born in 1776 in New Hampshire, while his father was fighting in George Washington’s army. I am the fifth generation and I have a son and a grandson with the name Caleb. We proudly stand for seven generations.

  47. sarah says:

    I have experinced raising boys of differnt flavor of three, allen,arron and caleb, but even thou that I spell my caleb; Kalob, even as a little boy he was always displaying strong independance of being faithfull in sprit. This child now is a teen and i can tell you when somthing when gradeschool came every year he would get a greeting from the principle so that they get an understanding that my son dont see things they way most children do and most of the time he was protecting a godly purpose as kalob puts it. He displays a strong sense of right and wrong without using reaction first, and most of the time they landed him in to the principles office with lots of questions.
    I am joyed that he is my son even as loving and confused as our world is today to help raise these children in differnt areas and teaching them the right path with out tossing the first rock. I pray for a good future for him and a life of honesty,faithfullness,and stand his ground even with conviction in the face of when everything looks dim. this is my mothers day gift to all mothers.
    love them as for whom they are.

  48. mariaan says:

    I asked the Lord for a “character” I can pray over my 13 year old son. The name Caleb came to me immediately. I searched the name and am so grateful for this “summary”, and thank God for given this to my son today !!

  49. Caleb says:

    My name is Caleb and this almost brought me to tears. Definitely a familiar feeling.

  50. You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  51. sebasatian says:

    I know who is Calab but I was not sure where to search in the holly Bible but when I got this description about Calab I got an idea to prepare for my next message about Calab by pointing his special stand with God against the world. tks a lot.

  52. winnie akal says:

    i have a friend called caleb and on his birthday i wanted to give him a written gift of a meaning of his name so i have been studying the meaning of his name and my other friends’ names. am glad am now well composed to write the written gift, when i combine what i have gathered from this article and what i gathered from the bible.

  53. Racheal says:

    Ooh my my my! So powerful and great is the story of Caleb. Im expecting my third child who with a revelation or should I say a prompting upon my spirit thought I should name my baby Caleb. Two days later my husband comes home from work and as always as he does, holding my tummy talking to the baby he goes “Hi baby Caleb, daddy here”, for a moment Im taken by surprise and Im thinking to myself “Did he eavesdrop on me the day I called my baby Caleb? Lol and behold NO! He was not even there when I did. Well, the point is we have both trusted in the Lord whenever naming our children and we believe Caleb is the right name for our baby….oh glory be to our God.

  54. Lydia says:

    Am just 14 weeks pregnant, I don’t know my baby’s sex yet but because of the meaning of this name am just praying to God to give me my Caleb.

  55. Mary says:

    Our son is named Caleb also. I have felt it was a strong name for the fact that our last name is Moses.And those 2 names together meant alot of strength in a sense of strength into our Father of commitment. We raise are child to let him know of what his name means and to honor his Alimighty Father in heaven and the example of how Caleb lived his life honoring and submitting to our Father.We also do the same thing of teaching him who Moses is to.Each time he gives his name to someone it will remind him how to live for God just like Moses and Caleb did and the example they lived in honor to God.

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