Abigail in the Bible – A Woman of Integrity


The story of Abigail in the Bible (1 Samuel 25) is a story of one of the most faithful and honorable women mentioned in God’s Word – definitely a woman of integrity! Let us learn well these lessons from Abigail.

Abigail’s Foolish Husband Nabal

After the death of the prophet Samuel (vs. 1), David and his men moved into the wilderness of Paran just a few miles from the city of Carmel (1 Samuel 25:1-2). While in this region, David became acquainted with a man named Nabal whose name means “Fool” (marginal reading – 1 Samuel 25:25). The word signifies one who is “foolish, base, or villainous.” It is also interesting to note that “he was of the house of Caleb.” The name, “Caleb” signifies “a dog” or a man of a “churlish” (stingy or mean) disposition (1 Samuel 25:3). It is unfortunate that Abigail was married to such a man. David (through his servants) asked Nabal to provide some necessary sustenance (vs. 8) for him and his men but Nabal refused (1 Samuel 25:10-11). We can plainly see the bloated ego of this man in 1 Samuel 25:11 where the personal pronoun “I” or “my” is used seven times!

Abigail’s Character Illustrated

Fortunately, one of David’s servants told Nabal’s wife concerning the insults that had been hurled at his fellow servants by Nabal (1 Samuel 25:14) even though David’s men had protected Nabal’s men and sheep from outside forces (1 Samuel 25:15-16). As soon as Abigail heard of her husband’s insulting behavior toward David, she began to make preparations to make up for his foolish actions. Without telling her husband of her plan (1 Samuel 25:19), she and her servants prepared a large amount of food and drink and traveled to where David and his men were camped (1 Samuel 25:18-20). Abigail prevented certain disaster regarding herself and her family by humbling herself before David (1 Samuel 25:23-31). Abigail did an extraordinary thing when she took the blame for the sin of her husband (1 Samuel 25:28). She humbled herself and interceded for her people before David. Desiring to intercede on behalf of one’s family requires a character of humility, sacrifice and personal cost. The result of Abigail’s actions was that David’s heart was softened and he was kept from bloodshed that day. He accepted her offering and granted her request (1 Samuel 25:35). Abigail was godly in that:

1) She was a wise woman – She recognized the need to humble herself and intercede for her people before David and was willing to do so (1 Samuel 25:28).

2) She was a courageous woman – Abigail risked her life, firstly by not telling her husband of her plans. In those times women were their husband’s property. Nabal was a wealthy man (vs. 2) – she could have lost everything – even her life, for taking matters into her own hands. Secondly, going to meet David was very risky – can you imagine riding into that mountain ravine on a donkey (1 Samuel 25:20) and coming towards you are 400 men with swords and an angry leader at their head? (1 Samuel 25:13). But Abigail was a courageous woman and her motive was to plead for the lives of others – she didn’t think of herself – she was prepared to die.

Note: We may not be called to risk our lives, but we too can be bold and courageous. We can speak out against injustice and intercede for the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17 – ESV).

3) She was a prophetic woman – Abigail spoke prophetic words to David. David realized this and as a result much bloodshed was averted that day (1 Samuel 25:33).

4) She Was a faithful woman – She believed in God and spoke forth His message to David (1 Samuel 25:26). Abigail was rewarded for her faithfulness – she became wife to David, the future King (1 Samuel 25:42).


Abigail was certainly a woman of integrity and destiny along with many other women we read about in the Bible who God used in extraordinary ways – Esther, Deborah, Hannah, Mary, to name just a few. These women did remarkable things in their day and generation. God wants us to do remarkable things for Him in our day and generation! (Matthew 28:19-20).

The question we need to ask ourselves is, “are we willing to display the integrity and courage in our lives that Abigail displayed in hers in carrying out the Lord’s will?” (Matthew 7:21).

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119 Responses to “Abigail in the Bible – A Woman of Integrity”

  1. Mourad Aissa says:

    What happened to Nabal? Did he divorce Abigail?

    See 1 Samuel 25:36-38. G. E. Watkins

    • Wally Dunc says:

      Like the Rich Fool in the NT he got what he deserved. Luke 12:13-21.

      It is our duty as Christians to help others who are in need. Whenever an opportunity arises and we have the ability to aid we must lend a hand. That also means more than just monetary aid. Whatever we can do to help we must do it.

    • abi says:

      no 10 days after he found out that david was going to kill him he had a heart attack

  2. Barbara Bias says:

    It’s so easy to simply gloss over Abigail’s strength when she dealt with her husband’s foolish behavior daily. Abigail’s strength needs to be spoken of more often! It would be so easy today for those who deal with similar situations to leave the relationship. Abigail was strengthened by God to live within this situation. God please strengthen, help and minister to all those who like Abigail live in this type of situation and give them your wisdom, grace and deliverance.

  3. Sara Reckling says:

    You are stating that Abigail was prophetic, and because of this bloodshed was avoided. While this is true you listed the wrong verse. It should be 1 Sam 25:33, you have 1 Sam 26, 33. There is no 33 in first or second Samuel, nor is there a 26:33.

    God Bless you for providing this service for free.

  4. Thanks for pointing out that reference error. I appreciate it.

  5. abigail says:

    well first of all my name is abigail thats why i love that story so much…

  6. It’s a good thing Abigail is a woman of such excellent character, then.

  7. S. L. Mills says:

    We are living in these times once again! HOW MANY ‘Abigails’ are we in number now? Even though our husbands have acted foolishly and arrogantly—are we READY to immediately change the course of what Satan would have launched toward us? This is why it is SOOOO important that we are constantly at the feet of Jesus asking ‘what is my assignment today?’…..we will ALL have a day such as this—and we cannot ‘wait and see’…..we are either prepared to do what is necessary in the face of evil or we will be devoured. God Bless my sisters, the Abigails, Deborahs and Esthers!!!

  8. S. Davis says:

    I dreamed about an angle named Abigail. I didn’t have any information on her, so i decided to google it. Thats when i stumbled unto this website. Thank you so much for giving me a understanding behide Abigail. I know why i dreamed about her.

  9. abigail says:

    i like abigail i think i should be more of a peace maker than making the fight

  10. Jayaraj.E says:

    Dear Brother,
    Thank you very much for your wonderful lesson on abigail . we use it in our ladies classes .
    send me more if possible .

  11. Ibia says:

    Abigial Was so brave and we should learn that from her!!!

  12. Ibia says:

    I am learning in bible class about Abigail and she is my inspiration!!!!!

  13. Abbigale says:

    woa i love this story my name is abbigale but spelt different..she was a couragous woman

  14. Brandy says:

    My baby girl’s name is Abigail she is now 16 months. I gave her that name because it means Father is joyful. And he is, at times. But I wanted to look up what abigail means in the bible and I came upon this. It gave me a hole new look at things.
    Thank you, and God bless U.

  15. Brandy says:

    It’s Abigail Rose Marie. still me Brandy I am # 14 on list

  16. Abigail A.K.A Abbey-G says:

    i think this woman is a great example to me, when ever some-one hears my name the always remind me of Abigail in the Bible, which i’m proud to have………. Abigail is my name, which means Joy! and i’m full of Joy and courageous woman, like David’s wife.
    i have some of her excellent character, i think. one thing is for sure, that there is a reason why my Father chose such a name, and i think i should live up to this name everyday, not just today!
    to all Abigail’s Feel Honored to have such a Beautiful name and live up to it as well.
    God bless

  17. Charmian says:

    I have a granddaughter named Abigail who will be 3 in July. I knew the name meant “Father’s Joy” but I recently learned that it was a Biblical name also so decided to do a little research (hence this website). She has a brother, David.

  18. Bettina says:

    Wonderful insight, mind blowing and a great challenge, I had this revelation while seeking God over 20 years ago, recently I decided to revesit Abigail now older and maturer, that is how I landed on your site, the word of God in new every morning. Keep up the good work

  19. Wunwea says:

    Truly the story of Abigail is wonderful. My Executive Director told me I was an Abrigail and I did not understand what he was saying so I searched and read the story about Abrigail. I was so out of words when I read the story I can take out Abigail and replace it with my name and the story would be my life. Abigail WOW!!! I love it

  20. abigael tabbot says:

    i am so excited to read about abigail,my name is abigail its the name my mother and my grandmother gave it to me.generally i like tolive in peace with everybody.i risk many times thank you for this web God bless you big.

  21. abigael tabbot says:

    infact when i will get married i will make sure that i will stand with my husband no matter what may come,also i am challenging women to emulate the character of abigael.

  22. Jo says:

    I have recently been praying to God about what to do about a situation almost like this one. Durring my daily bible reading I was lead to read about Abigail, Laban and Nabal. This is almost a mirror image situation of what i am going through. I found myself in the middle of and argument between my husband, and this other person. I beleive the holy spirit led me to read about abigail. It is amazing how the method of how she dealt with the situation is relevant to me even though it took place many thousand years ago. I now know what to do and I bless the lord who is faithfull to answer when we ask. In time of need i called and he has answered. Instead of confusion everything is clear.
    Thank you for this bible study may the Good Lord bless you.

  23. Desiree says:

    I am pregnant with a baby girl and I was searching for a strong,
    Bible name for our baby. I knew that Abigail was a woman in the Bible but I could not remember the details of her story. This is a beautiful account and my husband and I will now proceed with certainty in naming our daughter Abigail. Thanks for this concise account with the relevant scriptural references!

  24. Jen says:

    Through a bit of a fluke someone referred to me as a modern day Abagail…not specifically remembering her story I googled her and found your study. Incidentally at at time in my life that I am struggling with my own “Nabal”. I understand now that it was no accident or fluke that I found this story as it’s given me hope and confirmation to hold on when I’ve felt so close to letting to lately.

  25. Alma Lynn says:

    I found something else in this story of Abigail. She was married to Nabal, perhaps an arranged marriage.She was an intelligent woman who trusted God as she did the right thing in taking food to David & his men. God took care of Nabal by striking him dead. We must learn, no matter how bad our situation may appear to us, that God, not us, is in control and trust Him to take care of the Nabals where ever we encounter them.

  26. Sally says:

    All my years of study, and I only just heard the story of Abigail through Joseph Prince Ministries. How uplifted I feel to know that the Lord knows the plans He has for me in my situation with a “Nabal” character for a husband. I await your decision Lord, prepare me, embrace me, strengthen me, direct me….Thank you Lord.

  27. jay says:

    i need this answers about her:
    1,what kind of matrimony she had?
    2,how is it possible to make the matrimony work?
    3,how did she show her fate?
    that is all please answer back fast

  28. mawethu ngubo says:

    i was moved on sunday when a woman stood there preaching bout Abigail, this indeed was a vessel of honour and a faithful wife

  29. Desire says:

    My daughter’s name is Abigail (she is 5 and a half years old) and she loves to hear about the story over and over again so thanks for that and all the scripture references too. I see that there is another Desiree who is pregnant and is also naming her child Abigail. How cool is that!!! Anyway thanks again, Desire

  30. Jemma says:

    I have some very good friends who are expecting a baby girl any day now. I dreamt that her name would be Abigail, and although I knew it’s a biblical name I didn’t know much about her, so thank you for your insight, I now realise what an amazing women of God she was. As it turns out they are going to name her Abigail, so my dream was a real blessing and confirmation for them. Praise God !!

  31. Ruth says:

    In the situation I am in, someone referred to me as an Abigail as well recently, which through curiosity about this story brought me to this site. I left my foolish husband a year ago which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. This story is an encouragement for me to continue to go to bat for him as he is now trying to get his life back together. I am reminded to walk in forgiveness while still holding to the boundaries for myself.

  32. debbie says:

    I was just ministered to in church with this bible reference of Abigail and it has me curious about more of her life. I too am married to a foolish man who do not seek God’s direction. I was reassured today that God sees and if I look to him and trust him, he will be faithful to me to deliver. I can be like Abigail, wise, prepared, joyful instead of bitter.

  33. debbie says:

    Thank you for this ministry. I will visit it in the future. It is also good to know I am not alone.

  34. Olakanmi says:

    I was so much astonished about her attitude towards her husband. She is really a woman of honor and integrity. I can’t stop talking about her to people.

  35. Laura Brown says:

    What a wonderful lesson! I too have an Abigail. She is 9 years old and recently started in the GOOD NEWS CLUB at school. The ladies that lead the group gave my girls bibles and I was trying to show Abigail where her name appeared in the bible. This website was a great tool. Thank you, she is now reading her passage as we speak… Thanks.

  36. A. Rod says:

    My wife and I we have two boy, a girl and one baby girl on the way we are going to name her Abigail. I was reading the passage that abigail was this wonderful woman of god but yet she married david what happen to her husband nabal. I have not read that part of the bible. Please dont get me wrong i am strong believer and please i am sorry if i offend any one just a question

  37. Judith says:

    Yesterday during the church service, our priest refused to baptise a baby the name Abigal claiming that its not an examplary name. But reading the above, ! am so shocked to know that actually our so called spiritual leader was not this knowledgeable.

  38. Bryan says:

    We named our daughter Abigail after reading this story

  39. Dimple says:

    When women like Abigail are out doing great and mighty miracles for the Lord, it must be noted what happened to Nabal in I Samuel 25:38. It says that God stuck him and he died. This I feel is a warning to husbands and pastors standing in the way of God using women in the 5/fold ministry today. Every woman in the world needs to be set free as was the Woman at the Well by Jesus Christ. Anything less than that is control. Jesus Christ set the 5/fold ministry in the church (you to ladies). Always ways remember that if we are in Christ, there is neither male or female. GET UP AND GO LADIES AND DO WHAT GOD HAS PUT IN YOUR HEARTS TO DO.

    • Thank you for providing this platform. I have enjoyed hearing from different people who have Christ’s Abigail spirit. Like many others I just stumbled on this site. Have been trying to find reference on living with a Nabal spirit for a husband. At the beginning of this year I heard clearly from the Lord that my husband is a Nabal. My prayer partners wished and tried to pray it away, however I decided to agree with the Lord’s voice. Five months later the Lord gave me 1Samuel 16:1 saying that I should move on with the call on my life with the rest of family without Nabal because He the Lord had rejected him. Later the during sisters’ fellowship and prayer meeting, the Lord gave Prov. 23 to one of my prayer partners / sisters in the Lord who had insisted on praying away the Nabal revelation. She was shocked at the Lord’s further and deeper insight into Nabal character. I have continued to seek the Lord’s guidance and have heard from Him on numerous occasions. Like Abigail I wait for His total deliverance from this situation. Pray for me, I desire to be like David who, although knew that the Lord have rejected Saul, treated king Saul ” the anointed of the Lord” with respect and did not seek to hurt him or avenge himself. (1 Samuel 24:6-16 ) Although Saul was in David’s grasp, in the cave.

    • I do see that some people are bothered by David’s marriage to Abigail though this was after Nabal death. The Lord through Abigail prevented David from avenging himself. David could not fail to see the wisdom and grace in such a woman. She was now free and she too had seen by the Spirit of God who prophesied through her that David was indeed a man blessed of God and the future king over Israel. I do not blame her for even feeling overwhelmed by David’s proposal for marriage. On the other spiritual plane, Abigail represents all the wise and patient husbands and wives married to Nabal spouses out there and David represents our Lord Jesus Christ. The “future” Husband and King over His church. Am eagerly waiting for that marriage. Shouldn’t we all? Feel to publish

  40. Nicole says:

    I learned about Abigail about a year ago in bible study. I too have a man in my life with some of the same characteristics as Nabal. I continuously prayed and stayed with him, but God saw fit to separate us. I encourage any woman that is with a Nabal, to pray. God hears and answers prayer.

    • georgia says:

      I also recently left my husband (Nabal character ) 6 mo’s ago after 25 yrs. I prayed and prayed for years seeking God’s direction on the matter and when I left I was at peace and still at peace. Pray that i will be an “Abigail for the Lord.

  41. Doro@freemail.com says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article. I will follow you via RSS.

  42. janis says:

    Thank you for the wonderful inputs on Abigail.May God Bless you.

  43. sospeter onyango says:

    thank you for your message on abigael may God almighty bless you.

    pastor sospeter onyango
    naiobi kenya.

  44. Thamar says:

    Thanks for this piece. Please, I need some practical tips for my situation.

    I am married to a man who seems to have narcissistic personality disorder from my assessment.

    We recieve teachings from churches and cultural platforms about the virtue of defending, protecting our husbands’ negative sides.

    In my experience, I had suffered increasing levels of domestic violence because I am expected to keep all these to myself.

    In my case, he demands total control of everything……finances,even my social interactions, makes and executes every single decision for me and the family.
    I feel so sad when I see people try to supply his sense of grandiosity but scorn at him behind. I try not to because I love him and think he should be told the truth rather.

    I personally feel Abigail was kind of lucky her husband still gave her some autonomy to go to places, meet people with gifts to make up for her family, WITHOUT HIS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE AND APPROVAL.

    Also, contrary to the beliefs of the society I belong to, she didn’t cover him up before David. She admitted his folly. She even affirmed that he’s cursed!!!

    I tried to open up to some close acquintances about my situation but as expected, I recieved rejection by people that Iam a bad wife. How could I speak about my husband negatively????

    I have heard others say to me that I should remember Abigail and just hand him over to God. But I need to be safe and healthy.

    Thank you.

    • CC says:


      My heart goes out to you and I am saddened by all of the people on here who have not responded to you from both the natural and the spiritual. Not to throw out at them, but this leads me to believe that they don’t know what to say to you. Some are afraid to tell you to leave the abuse because they are being abused. Others are being silent because they are abusers themselves. Others just don’t know God or the word of the Lord in the way they may want others to believe that they do so they have nothing to say.

      If you are being physically, mentally, and emotionally abused and you have prayed and acknowledged God in all yours ways, and sought godly council/guidance, to no avail; it is time for you to leave that situation and quick! Find a safe house (refuge) and remove yourself from the situation.

      Then you need to pray yet again for God’s guidance. If you are not healthy (mentally, spiritually, physically), you will not be able to help your marriage, let alone your husband. No, I haven’t said divorce; HOWEVER, if the time apart (supervised counsel with your husband) does not yield a godly positive change and growth in both of you and your marriage, then this is not a marriage that God has joined together and it will be time to put it asunder.

      Where do the saints of God go when they are in trouble, when they need guidance (Godly)? This is one of the reasons there is so much MESS in the church. Yes we need to call sinners to repentance but dog gon it! What about the sinners we are living with or worshiping with that lead a double life and live as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Much worse, it has become normal in a lot of circles in the church setting to just accept the messiness of the saints (church members, aints) as if the mess was not there. The DEVIL I SAY! Read Matthew 7:12-27.

      I have a great deal of respect for the saints of God and this is no reflection on them; however, it is a reflection on the Aints and the ones satan has planted in the church and in our lives to destroy us and lead us away from the cross. Feel free to respond. I would love to encourage you and pray with you. You asked for our help; am I my sister’s keeper? Yes I am.

      Be prayerful!

      • georgia says:

        Hi Thamar,
        I just found this website and your posting (a year+ past your post) I hope things are well with you, but if not and your still in that situation, please seek God’s direction, because no one deserves any kind of abuse.Godwill direct you as He did me. from a woman of God.

    • Erah says:

      Hello Thamar,

      Just found this link for I was searching more about Abigail. Read yours, how are you now? I do hope you were able to get out from your relationship/marriage with a Nabal husband. You can contact me at erahvilla@yahoo.com.

      Have more strength and trust in the Lord. God bless you my sister.


    • Annette says:

      Hello Thamar,

      I just discovered this wonderful website and read the stories of so many women with very real challenges. I would like to communicate to you by email…I would like to help. contact me at annettechadrine@gmail.com

      • chris says:

        Hi I have now stumbled upon this website because i have decided to do a study on Abigail and I have found this site very interesting,but to you my sister in the Lord, i am in a very similar situation but instead of turning to God who is the author and finisher of my faith,I turned to a friend and things got a bit out of hand needless to say ungodly, you see the enemy knows who to send at the right time and he sent my “friend”.I eventually told my husband and things got really ugly more abuse was coming from all corners.I was wrong I know that, but all I was seeing was a shoulder to lean on not thinking for one minute to fully examine the consequences of leaning.I would not even compare myself with Abigail because i allowed my situation to take the better of me and now i have to pay for my wrongdoings.My husband has taken over my life and i only recently found out that he only wanted to use me but i got pregnant so he decided to stay,he told me he never trusted and he never will,many times i thought about leaving him but I have two sweet little girls that would be devasted if I did that by now my friend I prayer that you would off gotten some kind of deliverance from your situation whether it be seperation or a change of heart for your spouse but remember whatever happens God is in control trust Him always never lean on your own understandings but in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths

  45. Sarah Ruffin says:

    I was inspired by the story of Abigail because she remind me of my mother she always did what was more than necessary may God bless my mom always she is my hero.

  46. andrea Nisbett says:

    wow im single at the moment, but my spirit woke up when i read that devotion, because i’ve read the book of samuel quite a few times but my main focus was on the obvious DAVID and his battles/victories. IT is easy to read and see what u want to see but not what the holy spirit is pointing out. It really blessed me, so im now praying even more specific prayer so i dont end up marrying a NABAL. God bless keep up the good work.

  47. Sally says:

    To all of those beautiful women who are asking for help with their situations (and I sometimes feel I am in the same situation), I want to say hi and encourage you to keep praying. Let’s all pray to know God’s will – knowing that God is Love – and that God only wants good for us all. Let’s pray to hear God’s direction and not be fearful of the consequences, knowing that God’s plan for us all is perfect. My heart is with you all!

    • CC says:

      To Sally,

      I agree. I must add though, there comes a time when a person can’t pray and they need others to under gird for them and pray for them. Prayer is ESSENTIAL IN ALL THINGS. It is the beginning the middle and the end, yet we must not stay in our situation if nothing is happening. God could be speaking to us and we can’t hear him. We need the prayers of the righteous to avail for us.

      Please don’t misunderstand, Without prayer, without God, without acknowledging the Lord in all our ways, we are lost like a ship without a sail.

      My heart goes out to the men and women of God who ask for help but never receives it. They know to pray, yes! There are times (many) when their prayers are leading them to seek and reach out for others to pray with them and or for them. They also need guidance. PLEASE NOTE: this is not a statement to encourage people to start telling everybody their business and asking any and everybody who will, to listen. That just opens up another can of worms that is sometimes more difficult to handle then the situation at hand.

      Sally, I hope this didn’t come across as an attack on you.
      There are just so many saints who are hurting and they live a miserable life in a situation they feel trapped in because they can’t hear from God. Before you know it, they are going to give up on God, and we don’t want that!

      Please keep me in your prayers as I do you… be blessed!

  48. Chris says:


    In reading your comment I thought of a book that changed my life: Created To Be His Help Meet by Debbie Pearl (half.com has used copies) While I read it from a different perspective, I remember that it addressed women who are married to different types of men. There is some real practical godly advice about how to do what we need to to bring out the best in our husbands. I likened the book to having a big sister sit me down and have a heart to heart talk.
    Bless you, sister, Chris

  49. Urbane says:

    By reading at 1 Samuel 25:28, it seems to me that Abigail is pleading for herself and not for her husband because she does not say forgive “us” but she says forgive me your maid-servant (singular).

    “Nabal is his name and folly is with him; but I your maidservant did not see the young men of my lord whom you sent. Now therefore, my lord, as the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, since the Lord has restrained you from shedding blood, and from avenging yourself by your own hand, now then let your enemies, and those who seek evil against my lord, be as Nabal.”

    In the above passage it is basically saying that Abigail swears by God and another man David and says “let your enemies be as Nabal”. I don’t think she is pleading here for her husband but asking for curse upon Nabal because his husband did not repay David for his service. She further says she would have done better/differently if she had known that David had sent her people asking for gifts. No wonder she is trying to win a favor from someone who is handsome, brave and famous for killing more people than King Saul. Abigail knew the fame of David unlike Nabal (may be he was busy working/drinking I don’t know) but is not Godly spouse supposed to complete one another instead of being judgmental and saving her own ass? God says “Vengeance is mine” but here David is doing just the opposite and lays eyes upon someone else’s wife that’s why he marries her right after Nabal’s death all in the while he already has 2 other wives! David had an adulterous heart until he reaches the point of Psalm 51. Bible doesn’t say how Nabal and Abigail got married and I don’t know why one would assume an arranged marriage. And besides the countries that have arranged marriages have 99% successful marriage in contrast to people who marries someone after their own lustful desire. In US, marriage is about 50% successful. I might be wrong but just by reading the passage I think a woman is praiseworthy and Godly if she sticks by her husband no matter how he is and vice versa. Instead of trying desperately to call fallen people praiseworthy lets focus on Jesus’ long-suffering and forgiveness towards the famous sinners of the bible and towards our own selves!

    • mary says:

      Abigail was not saving her ‘own ass’ as is said here–she was saving her children and servants and household from certain bloodshed that would have been caused directly by Nabal’s arrogance and foolishness. For her to honor her husband is a different thing that for a woman married to a man deserving of honor. She honored her vows in staying with him until his death–she could not dishonor her own heart and reverence toward God by honoring Nabal’s sinful heart instead.

      This is how she had integrity. In a bad situation she did what she could to keep it from being worse. She did not have the freedom some women have today, so she lived within her marriage inspite of his cruelty and foolishness–but she also used her position as his wife to save as many from harm as she could.

      When we are told to honor those to whom honor is due–it means our parents, spouses, rulers–but NOT those that are evil–no matter what position they have they should not be honored who do evil.

    • Ci Ci says:

      I am with a Nabal right now and has been for 14 years and after being cheated on, and lied to and emotionally abused. This man whom is very stingy and mean has broken me way down and I want out, but it seems to be Gods will to stay. Now you say stay by your man like Jesus was so longsuffering etc. and I know that Jesus died on the cross for us, but Jesus wasnt getting abused in several ways for many years on end. Not to take away from what He did for us but if I don’t get out of this marriage or if God don’t perform a complete miracle now! I find myself falling into the deep multiple dipressions and post tramatic stress disorder, etc that I was in and ready to commit suicide as I was right before God saved me. Now I will never do that because i love my kids so that is why i want out and i want out now!

      • Karon says:

        Ci Ci,

        Do you remember the story of the parable who had faith that God would save him from an impending flood? (Not Noah’s truth, but a parable) Everyone knew that their village was going to experience this flood, so most of them left – except this one man. He was determined to show his faith by staying. When the waters started rising, a boat was sent out to bring him to safety. He refused to get in as he insisted that God was going to save him. Later, when the rains had slowed and the man was atop the highest hill in the area, a helicopter was sent out to rescue him. Again, the man refused to get in. At the end of the story, the man drowned. He failed to recognize that God had answered his prayers in His own way – by sending assistance and not by preventing the flood.

        I’m telling this short story because you seem to be wanting God to help you out. No one has the right to physically, emotionally, or spiritually abuse another. I don’t believe that God wants any woman to be crushed in any way by her husband. He is Love and wants us to treat each other with love and compassion.

        If you want out, look around and see if God isn’t offering you assistance. I know how difficult it is when you have children – but staying in a bad relationship is a choice. Please do not put your well-being or that of your kids in jeapardy. I know what it is like to be emotionally abused, and it can make your mind very confused.

        I am praying for you and your family that peace and light surround you and guide you.


        • Karon says:

          I apologize for the grammar. I meant the parable about the man…not the story of the parable. I had just woke up when I was replying.

          Have a blessed day!

        • Ci Ci says:

          Thank you so much Karen. Your response brought me to tears and I just happen to look at this site again because i was going throught old emails and saw the link. I really didn’t expect anyone to respond to it. You know, I will look around and see if God is offering me assistance. We were just about to file for divorce when a spiritual Evangelise whom I know is walking the walk with God, told us that God wants us to wait, and not talk about divorce for 3 months. She us specific instrunctions and told us to decide after this time. I am trying to follow the instructions but as she said, my heart is hardend and I don’t see my mind changing at all. My husband is a Pastor and that is another added factor in the matter because some of the new femail converts loves so much and I know it would break their hearts. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  50. "Abigail" says:

    I too am married to a Nabal. I was Saved 6 years into my marriage and have now been married 27 years. I have been praying for his salvation for 21 years. He has cursed God, he has removed the Bibles from the house, he has persecured me and our children for our faith and yet God has been faithful and good to me and my children. God has used my situation to draw me into a closer more intimate relationship with Him and through my struggles and hurts (Nabal has never physically harmed me but has wounded me deeply with his words and actions)Jesus Christ has been lifted up and glorified. God has used my pain to draw me and others to Himself. I still get hurt by Nabal’s foolishness but just as Paul’s thorn in his flesh, God uses everything we go through to refine us and to draw others to Himself. When I take my pain to The Lord in prayer I get a glimpse of what He felt when I rejected the love He freely offered me for 29 years before I surrendered my life to Him. I still cause Him grief whenI choose to do my own thing and go my own way rather than allowing Him to have His way in me. It is not easy living with Nabal but its not a matter of trying harder its a matter of letting Christ live in me and realizing that in Christ and through the cross, I died with Him and have been raised to new life in Him. It is not I that now lives but Christ that lives in me. For His sake I count all lost and gladly suffer for I am hid behind the cross. It is not me that my husband persecutes but rather it is Christ in me. Look at your situation through the eyes of God and you will see that the struggles that we Abigails have is not with our husbands, it is a spiritual battle between the spirit that controls our husbands and the Holy Spirit of the Liveing God that dwells within us. Through spiritual eyes the spirit that Nabal was led by was defeated by the Holy Spirit that Abigail was led by. Abigail is a picture of every one of us. We were bound to the forces of darkness, slaves to sin. When we go before The King and admit our fault and seek His mercy, He has mercy on us, releases us from the grip of darkness by putting to death our former taskmaster, and we are free to enter into a new covenant with a just and loving King. ( I know David is not that king but in this story David is a representation of The King of kings who longs set free everyone who comes to Him seeking His forgiveness.) God bless us and keep us as we continue to learn how to allow Him to live in and through us. “Abigail”
    Note: What I was saying about releasing us from the grip of our former taskmaster and making us free to enter into a new covenant was a reference to Jesus putting to death the power of Satan, and freeing us to enter into that new covenant of life in Him. I did not mean that He would physically remove our husbands so we could marry someone else. No, but we can know joy and peace and love even in a hard marriage if we are joined to The Giver of joy, peace and love, Jesus Christ. God bless you. -MJ-

    • CC says:


      As I would commend your long suffering and choice (be it by God or yourself) to stay in your situation, I would pray that you share with others that everyone’s situation is different.

      I believe that there are a lot of situations that might be similar in nature, however the people in those situations are all different.

      Case in point: I don’t believe many of us could live through a Job experience or even a Saul’s experience. I believe that whatever situation we experience, it’s just another opportunity for us to see God at his best. That is when we allow him to get us through it. THROUGH IT, sometimes mean “out of it”.

      In your testimony, I praised God, and I encourage others to know God, seek God, and yield to that which God would have them do.

      In love….. be blessed!

  51. Thamar says:

    Thanks for the resource material you refered me to.
    My main concern is the physical abuse I suffer from.

  52. Jim says:

    All you ladies out there with these terrible problems, I am sorry. But I must say that this is an apostate blog. How deep the corruption of the Truth lies within.

    First, I do not believe God intended women to be beaten, or watch their children be beaten. I believe the pastor of a Bible believing church would tell you that you should separate, perhaps not divorce.

    For the woman that wrote that women are “free” to be in ministry: you are completely wrong. If you studied the Bible as you should, and you saw the big picture, you would recognize that men lead women. Period. That is in the home, the church, and society.

    As a man I will tell you this: Godly men struggle with where leadership ends and control freak begins. The woman who said that she is oppressed because her husband needs to know and approve before she can go is in a tight situation, in fact. However, not knowing the man or the woman, perhaps the woman cannot be trusted. Your husband is your lord. He has that right. Perhaps you didn’t understand that before you married this man, perhaps had you known this you would have looked closer at him. But….he may be a control freak. My wife is a lovely Godly woman. She can come and go as she pleases. She does well by me. She earned my trust. That’s the way it is, men are the leaders. The other belief is the corruption that brings trouble into your life.

    For the lady that was shocked that her priest refused to baptize her baby: Babies are not baptized. Baptism is a public confession of faith. How many words does your infant know so he/she may confess Christ? Jesus says to believe and be baptized. He does not say believe and baptize your baby. This is trickery of that man-made religion.

    Finally, God may have actually used Abigail for His purpose. However she was not at all obeying Gods intended structure. She deceived her husband. She disobeyed him. The foolish king Nabal was a fool, indeed. Prideful (like the majority of women in here), and stubborn.

    And, to the ladies who call their husbands foolish, or fools: why are you in the predicaments you are in? Because of your great wisdom? Be very careful using that word. Perhaps everyone of you who say your husbands are fools, indeed are married to fools. However, just because you don’t understand something, or agree with something, does not make your husband a fool.

    A man should treat his wife as a gentle flower, never to crush her, never to hurt her. He is to treat her with great honor, respect, love, gentleness. Perhaps if you are bitter about men being the leaders, it is because your man has not fulfilled HIS role.

    Continue to fervently pray, ladies, that the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ will bless you, that He will call to your husbands heart, and that your husbands will respond.

    I do this evening.

    • Jackie says:

      Men do not lead woman, but husbands leads wives.

    • Ann says:

      Would you say a woman’s husband is her lord even if he says bad and obscene things against the church and tries to prevent her from going? I am in that situation and My Lord is Jesus Christ and Him alone. I will not follow my husband’s wishes when it comes to separating me from the Love of Christ and from following Christ in my life. You are completely wrong when you say that the husband is the wife’s “lord”. I think you should go back to your theology and know that one’s Lord is only Jesus Christ. Just because you are a man doesn’t give you the right to skew God’s intention for anyone’s life. A man who cannot lead WILL not lead in my life as far as I am concerned.

  53. Sandra says:

    To whoever Jim is,You truly need deliverance. I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened, in Jesus name

  54. SN says:

    The comments made by MJ on June 1 2010 mirror my exact situation, I’d like to see if I can contact her in some way if it would be alright with her and possible to do so.

  55. E. King says:

    It takes great faith in God to move out ahead of your husband. We women must know that it is God that is speaking to us. The question for many is, what situations are we as women of God allowed to usup of circumvent our husbands. This story reminded of my youth and shopping trips with my Mother. My Parents were business owners and seemed to always have a new plan afloat. They would agree on a budget. However my Mother seemly could not resist a sale and would hide purchases in the trunk of the car for days or sneak them in the house after my Dad had gone to work. THIS REALLY UPSET ME! I was just about 10 years old but I felt that this was not right. My Dad loved my Mother and I was convinced that she could persuade him to allow the purchase. I remember thinking “when I get married I am not going to hide things from my husband”. AND I DIDN’T AND DON’T. As we learn what real integrity is, let’s consider our attitude and MOTIVES are true testament of our character and integrity. Abigail’s action saved the people from bloodshed but it destroyed her husband. Was this the sacrafice God required? Abigail used her skills of persuasion on David, could she have used them on her husband to convince him to aid David and his men? I’m concerned about the one soul that was lost. When we say he got what he deserved we stand in judgment. What if we all got what we deserved. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. “And wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.” I like the story of Abigail, however I wish I could have read that she sought God and was led to persuade her husband to the saving of his soul.

    • Ann says:

      Hi Ernestine,

      Wishing that Abigail had entreated her husband to follow God and to be a good man is not what God intended for us to get from this scripture, although I guess I kind of…sort of vaguely see what you are saying. When we wish for another outcome though, we miss the vital and life-giving wisdom that God is giving us through His Word. It does not do justice to the character of Abigail. I believe Abigail was trying to save her husband and many others’ lives in this and she risked her own life in doing so. It would seem likely to me that, as a woman of integrity and courage, she could likely have already tried over time to influence Nabal to be a righteous man before this event ever happened.

  56. Linda says:

    To Jim, you had some good thoughts but you err in some of your thoughts. There were Prophetesses in the bible and Deborah was a judge of her people. For the most part men did rule over their wives, but this was not always the case. In the garded of Eden God said that he was making a helpMATE for Adam, he did not say that he was making a servent. Therefore, God did not make man Lord over his wife. God did say for a woman to submit to her husband and he also said that the husband should love his wife as Christ loved the church. I do believe that Christ loved the church so much that men are disrespecting Christ, themselves, and the church. I do agree that to often we as women follow our emotions and don’t think things through. I also have to say that you should be glad of that because if we didn’t there would be a lot of lonely men out there and who knows you might be one of them. In fairness who is to say as I don’t know you, that your wife didn’t follow her emotions and that she thought through marriage to you. Men also have to earn women’s trust the same way that women have to earn men’s trust. I am not bitter, I did have a husband that was very bad and abusive and I know that I was led by my love for him. I will say that although we cannot be together, I will always wish him the best of luck. I do agree that women should not try to deceive their husband but the same applies to husbands. I am now very happily married and my husband is a Godly man, I do not disrespect him or the name that he has given to me and I know that God chose him for me. I am sorry if my opinions offend you but I believe and trust in God and I feel that it is not our place to judge others or to enlighten them by being rude or harsh. May God bless you and yours and soften your heart, or your words for others!

  57. Beverly H. says:

    I watched a movie tonight on TBN “Saul and David” The scene of Abigail going to meet David how she poured her heart out to him was so very risky – can you imagine riding into that mountain ravine on a donkey
    and coming towards her were 400 men with swords and an angry leader at the head. But Abigail was a courageous women with her motive to plead for the lives of others it was so wonderful when David’s heart softened. That part of the movie brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed watching this movie.

  58. Itoo have Nabal who doesnt care about God,so 3yrs ago i gave birth to a baby girl and named her Abigael.my husband dares God to purnish him but i tell my God cant do that becoz of me.I pray for him always coz i know God will change him soon,ive been in my marriage for 12yrs and im not loosing hope.i want him to know the God of Abraham.thanks for letting pple’know about Abigael.

  59. Sadle says:

    For all those who posted here:

    After reading the first sentence describing Abigail’s charactor,I doubted Mike Riley’s understanding of this passage. “Fortunately, one of David’s servants told Nabal’s wife” is not from the bible. It wasn’t one of David’s servant’s but one of her own servants. This is written in verses 14-17 inwhich one of her servants explains what he heard from Nabal’s own mouth and explains how he was treated by David. The servant ends with “no-one can speak with Nabal” due to the condition Nabal is in. This again confirmed that it is her own servant in the verse 25 when she (Abagail)states she did not see the young men…whom you (David) sent. This is important for two reasons:

    1-If it had been one of David’s men-he would be wrong for not following orders from David. The servant would have known of Abigail prior-which he did not. David did not tell the men to talk with Nabal and if that doesn’t work-seek out his wife. The servant would have known about Abigail’s plans because after hearing – she reacted immediately. The servant of David would have told David of her plans. They would have waited for the gifts to arrive and all would have been well. After all David was getting what he wanted. Abigial would not have gone out to meet David for there would be no need.

    2-Having it be one of Abigail’s own servants shows that the entire household honored Abigail’s decisions over her husbands and went willingly to her to take action. The servants knew and trusted her to do the right thing. They would support her actions to her husband. She was in favor.

    She didn’t discuss it with her husband because Nabal was not in any condition to be spoken with. She had wisdom to know when was the right time to tell him. The next day in which she did. She wasn’t hiding anything from him. She showed discernment.

    When she spoke with David she requested the sin be put on her not her husband. Not on both of them….on her. She was standing up for her husband and willing to die for him and the entire household. She never said anything bad about her husband, she acknowldged what others already knew about him. If she had said anything different she would have been lying. She didn’t make excuses for his behavior either. She stood in truth.

    She pointed out to David that if he carries out his promise to kill all the men, it would be on his hands. Which means murder. Since David only fought the Lord’s battles, he was greatful for this reminder. One that many of us need!

    Abigail displayed loyal love to God, to David and to her husband. That is what makes her a person of integrity. This loyal love is listed as one of the things we are to add to our faith 2 Peter 1:5-7. It is written as “goodness” or “moral excellence” which means loyal love.

    For the women who are under a Nabal’s guidance-understand you are first under the authority of God, then your husband, etc. Just as Abigail showed loyal love to God, David and her husband-you can too. People know your husband-even behind closed doors. You do not have to defend or make excuses for him.

    For the men who do not think Abigail was following the Lord, please read your Bible. I would like to encourage each person to look to their Bibles before searching the internet for scripture because so much on the interent is wrong. Even Mr. Mike Riley.

  60. Joy says:

    How dd David end up marrying Abigail?

  61. Mar says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information from the bible. Abigail is the name of my baby, such a wonderful story behind that beautiful name. When she grow up will tell that story. thanks God bless brother!

  62. Sadle says:

    Joy says:
    August 24, 2010 at 1:20 pm
    How dd David end up marrying Abigail?

    Word traveled to David that Nabal died. David praised God that He (GOD) returned the wickedness of Nabal and kept David from taking revenge. God did the judgement. David sent servants to Abigail with a proposal of marriage from David. She bowed her face to the ground and claimed to be a maidservant (slave to the slaves)to David (my lord). (1 Sam 25:39-43). Later when David went off to fight a battle, came back and found his city burned to the ground and all the women and those that were there captured. David and his men wept until they could weep no more. David was in danger of being stoned because the people blamed him for their grief. David found strength in the Lord and asked if he should go against “this troop” that captured the village-the Lord said “Pusue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all” (30:8) So David recovered all that had been taken and his wife Abigail. (30:18-19)

    What an impression Abigail left with David, the one meeting they had and her reputation that went before her, that David would ask for her to marry him. What an impression David had left with Abigail that she would immediately go to be with him.

    Life was not easy for Abigail just because Nabal died, there were times of captivity and times being away from David when he was out on battles.

    When God is in control and we follow Him-we are in His will. He can do mighty things. Praise God!

  63. Lizl says:

    I always loved the name Abigail(Abby).
    I prayed for many years for a little girl. After 3 miscarriages we welcomed into this world our beautiful baby girl. She was born on the 5 th 0f May 2010. We called her Abigail Rebekkah. I became Mom at 40. God is so good. His joy is now our joy too. Thank you for this website. God bless you all

  64. Lizl says:

    God bless!

  65. Abigail Oestreich says:

    My name is Abigail as well and I hope to someday be just like the Abigail from the bible.

  66. Abigail Oestreich says:

    My name is also Abigail and I’m 13. I hope to someday be like Abigail from the bible. She’s pretty snazzy!!

  67. Adeyemi says:

    Ever since my wife mentioned Abigail for our baby girl, i’m more facinated about it and reading the story of Abigail has made me understand her more. She is a precious woman and a rare gem like some of the noted women in the Bible. Now i’m glad i have a child named after her. God bless you all.

  68. Joy Butler says:

    Sorry but I can’t agree with the statement – Abigail’s reward was to marry David. Did she really have any say? Seems like David saw her and wanted her and that was that. Maybe Abigail didn’t want to marry David! I am sorry for those women who are hurting because they are married to ‘Nabal’s’. I wish them God’s huge blessings and peace. May they stand up and be counted as women of courage and peace.

  69. olakanmi says:

    This story of abigail is an inspiring one. A story worth telling to our old and young generation.It is coincidental that we are studying the character of abigail in my church this week. I think both male and female should imbibe the spirit of abigail by being courageous, faithful men and women of integrity. We are emhpasising more on men,don’t we have nabals as women who are tagged “fools” in all things? Or are we saying that some men are not living with nabals today? The story is for both men and women who are ready to stay in-tune, cooperate with and lean on God to bring about formidable and happy marriage. We need ourage and determination to succeed in life, that abigail displayed to win the heart of david.

  70. Pam says:

    So she was great. I get that. What I don’t get is the idea that she was somehow rewarded in this life. She ended up with a husband who took many other wives and, let’s face it, abandoned her on many levels when he did this. Furthermore, when David’s son raped his wives, was she among them? I am sorry if this sounds pessimistic, but I don’t see Abigail as coming out ahead, at least in this life. I am always sad when I think of her. I love her character, but I find myself wishing a truer husband for her.

  71. Lionel says:

    In the passage under the topic Abigail’s Character Illustrated: the part where it mention’s “David’s servant told Nabal’s wife about Nabal’s rejection to David is incorrect. Nabal’s servant told Nabal’s wife about his rejection message to David.

  72. chiggy says:

    i also believe that beyond integrity and courage, abigail was a woman of fore sight. she percieved nabal’s destruction and david s enthronement… i really hope that her proactive gesture was for the good of her husband, bad or not. Or was she scheeming her way to david’s heart? Not to be critical but was she ever mentioned afterwards in king david’s story?

  73. Abs says:

    i love this story and not only because my name is Abigail but also because it has helped me/given me inspiration in my studies(I’m in year7) and my life…

  74. Abs says:

    i love this story and not only because my name is abigail but also because it has given me inspiration in so many ways including my studies(im in year7)…

  75. luann says:

    I don’t understand how she can have so much integrity if she went behind her husband’s back and kept a secret from him even if it was to save honor. I thought marriage was based on honesty.

  76. Terri says:

    I have read a host of responses and additional replies. This story of Abigail is not only the story of many women, it is mine. In addition, the variety of responses going from support and understanding to rejection and condemning is what many stories about women in the Bible do. We were then, and are now, caught inbetween serving as God directs us and calls us to do, and being able to be married, partnered and the like without putting our men before God. What Abigail does is put herself, as a servant of the Lord FIRST and then her role as a wife second. To me this is not being dishonest, but it is a challenge for any woman of God. While men may not put us first, they are often not happy when we put God first. Continue all, all my sisters in Christ who seek to serve God in every calling!

  77. abigail says:

    i love so much this story..first of all because im also named abigail…and cuz wat it said tht david got married weh abigail same weh meh..pretty soon im going to get married weh my principe azul which is david:)and im trying to be like abigail.be faithful:) GOD BLESS EVERYONE:)

  78. Erah says:

    Thanks Mike Riley for this link. It widens my research on Abigail although two among those who replied said, you were wrong.
    Thanks also for their correction but please do not judge Mike as fooling the readers of mis-information. Yes we also fall short of our sources.
    Again, thank you very much Mike Riley for this wonderful link!

    But I agree to some insights, that Abigail was not an easy “prey” to become King David’s wife. Look Bathseba, who also becomes David’s wife? The question if marrying David was a reward as the story appears to me. How I wish to hear Abigail’s side, any more information?

    For me, Abigail was a victim of arranged (if not forced) marriage: to Nabal and of course to the king! Who among the women in their time would say NO to a king when he wanted her to be his wife? Abigail and Batsheba shared the same fate, so to speak. Who can disobey a king with his army, power and wealth?

    My question is: “If it was a reward then, was Abigail happy marrying David the King? Abigail the second wife of David was a widow of Nabal and Batsheba was the widow of Uriah… was David a collector of the widows? Nabal was about to be destroyed by David’s army and Uriah was sent back to the battle field by David because he had already set his eyes upon Batsheba, Uriah’s wife.

    We can not rely all te information in the Bible. There are missing “links” or information which the writer omit for some reasons. That is why, we need insights, intuition, other sources and even imagination as to what really had taken place during those times.

    Again, thank you very much Mike Riley.


  79. annette says:

    I am doing an study on Abigail and wondering if the prophet Daniel was her son ……do anyone know

  80. hannah says:

    God bless you for providing free service, to know about Abigail’s faithfulness integrity and courageousness

  81. adewale michel says:

    i think abigail showed the true virtue of a woman and she also held unto integrity

  82. GODS WOMAN says:

    I, too, am married to a Nabal… I wasn’t sure until he began to talk against the church, leadership; against tithe paying…etc. He doesn’t go to church. Although when we first began to date, he understood that this was the most important part of my life. He understood me to be called into the 5-fold ministry, and said he felt privileged to be with me. After marriage, he refused to find a church for us. He’d hated my church, so I’d agreed to go where ever he wanted to go. He’s blamed it on everything…(he’s very controlling, very intimidating, very hurtful with his words, unforgiving, and he never makes mistakes; it’s always me). I finally found a church on my own. I am down so much now that I’m no good to anyone. It was God who brought Abigal to me the other day. I know the Lord loves me; I know the Lord expects me to stay with Him, and I know some days, I absolutely feel I cannot do that. But I know I absolutely must; it is for GOD — not Nabal. I can do anything for GOD. My Nabal has hurt me. Caused me to question me. There is no where to go for support. No one cares… no one listens… no one wants to hear “my side of it”; I’m wrong for “talking about my husband.” I keep the few friends I have away. I have no ministry anymore because the church believed his version of events and the longer he stays out of the church, I’m certain they believe it’s my fault. He talked so badly about the church the last time he talked at me that I was afraid to get ready the following Sunday… I did finally, and he did everything in his power to see that I’d get angry and be late, but I didn’t… I just left. He checks my email, my facebooks… he’s even sent men to my page to see what I’d say… The Lord told me it was him, and later he’d give himself away. I believe he’s not completely honest about his dealings with other women and is hoping I’ll give him some dirt so he can do whatever he wants, but I won’t… I’m a Woman of God. Trust me… I know what it is to want out… I know abuse… I suffered it as a child… and I suffer it now… Yet and still, I’ve seen the future, and my faith — our faith — says we are a people who believes in that which we cannot see — and so I shall continue to rest on the faith of God. Please remember me in your prayers.

  83. Another God's Woman says:

    Dear God’s Woman – my heart ached to read your story. You are not alone. I just happened onto this site today while doing a little word search, and came across your note. I want to encourage you with this: I have a precious friend whose husband made life miserable for her also. False accusations and demands were the rule in her home. She too withdrew from family and friends because the emotional abuse was so wearisome and it just made life at home more bearable to stay away from people. But, she did not stay away from Christ. Christ was her strength, and hope, and assurance for each and everyday. In fact, she was a sweet woman who just got sweeter, in spite of her Nabal. She prayed through every room in her home and found a scripture promise for each room. Then God gave her a special promise. Go to 2 Kings 2:19-22, the story of Elisha and the bad water. A wise woman instructed my friend to get a new bowl and fill it with water and place it in a prominent place in her home. Then everyday, as a reminder of God’s faithfulness in her life, toss some salt into that bowl and be reassured of God’s promise “I have healed this water.” The water represented her marriage and home – it was bad. There’s nothing magical or mystical in the exercise, but the activity was a visible tangible reminder of God’s healing and protection in her life. It took a few years but her situation resolved most beautifully!!!

    I do want to counsel you – if you are unsafe, you need to remove yourself from the harmful environment so healing can come to the family. Seek God’s direction and He will give you wisdom, James 1:5. Many of God’s children had to run from danger and to the safe keeping of God (I Kings 17:4; 19:3; Genesis 16:8; Acts 16:9-10, just to name a few) by His design. You must be obedient in all things.

    Finally, you are loved. I am praying for you right now, that God will keep you safe, will give you love overflowing, words of wisdom, and a discerning spirit to do His will in all things. God bless you and keep you safe!!!!

    • nestie4 says:

      Another God’s Woman – thank you for your heart-felt reply to God’s Woman – I think I cried my eyes out on both your posts! I’m struggling in my 10yr marriage to a Nabal – who is slowly growing, despite his pride and resistance to the Lord’s direct influence in his life. It’ s a very hard life for me and I’ve seen mentor’s/counselors in the Lord who share their concern and direction that I may one day have to leave this man. I do not have the Lord’s release (no abuse) and will pray and strive to care for our young ones. I just needed to read this web site and all your heart felt words of life and wisdom. I’m not alone and this helps tremendously. God bless you all and I will be praying for each of you:)

  84. abigail says:

    i love it…i believe so too…

  85. Czech Girl says:

    Hello my family member! I want to say that this article is amazing, great written and come with approximately all vital infos. I would like to see more posts like this .

  86. isaac says:

    am blessed by this message…for sometime now i have been searching out for other lessons from this scripture.i had a dream about 6-7 years ago when i was being thought in a class room with this scripture 1 samuel 25 clearly written on the board.Thank u for this insight as well.am blessed and may God bless u double double.Amen

  87. Cynthia says:

    What I love most about this account is how Abigail is a type of Christ. She falls before David and says to him, “Upon me, my lord, upon me let this iniquity be.” She had done absolutely nothing wrong, and yet she took Nabal’s sins upon herself and asked David to forgive her for them. Christ has done the same for us…He took upon Himself the sins of every person to ever live on the earth. When we find ourselves having been wronged or offended, we are commanded to forgive. If we insist on withholding forgiveness, we are essentially saying that Christ’s atonement was insufficient, that He didn’t do enough to cover that sin, that we need to take matters into our own hands and exact proper justice. Who wouldn’t be able to offer forgiveness when it’s put into that perspective?

  88. Every godly woman will and must be ready to suffer for the sins of her household.Moses mother also took the risk to preserve her sons life. Esther did the same for the Jews and they were saved. The type Jesus did was to avert eternal damnation, which no man has ever done. I love Abigail and pray for her measure of grace in my life.

  89. winnie says:

    What a remarkable woman, she did what was right before man and God, she lost a husband but gained another.for those of us whose husbands left for younger women, let’s learn from Abigail. Trust in the Lord and do what is right before him, He will reward us accordingly

  90. luv says:

    i am not really a fan of abigail and david.
    david’s weakness for beautiful women had led him to become a murderer, manipulative and controlling. he killed his good and loyal servant just to take bathsheeba as his own wife.
    abigail is beautiful and an intelligent woman who married a wealthy fool. she also made a choice to marry david after her husband died. it makes me wonder how she used her intelligence to end up in marriage like the wicked nabal and the not so perfect king david.
    how many women do we know in these modern days that are using their beauty and brain to marry even a wealthy fool? a womanizer but have power and authority?

  91. luv says:

    rebekah is beautiful and kind. i like her a lot, but she became manipulative in the end that led to a painful goodbye when her son jacob had to escape from his angry brother. that is the consequence of her trying to control things in her own way. she died and never got a chance to see jacob again.

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